PEEKaMEET Challenge

Get the app and start networking

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How to Win at Networking

Consider the PEEKaMEET Challenge Double Dipping

Download the PEEKaMEET app, complete your profile, see who is nearby or checked in and break the ice with potential new contacts using the in-app chat. To WIN the challenge make as many contacts as you can. Your contacts are your connections to success.

Having a solid business network, with connections that know more than just your name, can lead to opportunities at every point in your career: whether you are in college looking for an internship, a recent graduate beginning your job search, have been employed for a long time but are ready for a career change, or are hoping to increase sales at your current position. PEEKaMEET makes it easy to make real and lasting connections that help users expand their networks and ensure that they never miss an opportunity to meet someone who can impact their business and career goals.

Contest Coming Fall 2019

Best Post 2-1


Sorority 2-3

Winning Tips

Creativity goes a long way!  Share your PEEKaMEET Challenge posts on social media. You can share the app with anyone using the app SHARE icon in the upper right hand corner of the app > 

To be successful in the Sorority or Fraternity with the Most Contacts contest, it is best to rally your Greeks and mention how the app can give them a leg up on connections before they even graduate. Ask your alumni to join the team effort too!


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